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Stretching process and stretching process of thermo fixing machine Jan 10, 2019

The thermo fixing machine is used to process the fabric under certain temperature and tension conditions to achieve a stable state. The quality of the fabric is mainly determined by the control of multiple discrete variables such as tensile tension, tenter tension, swing arm position and stretch position. During the styling process, the tenter tension is affected by the stretched position, the swing arm position, and the tensile tension.


In summary, during the operation of the thermo fixing machine, the tensile tension is affected by the tensile position and the tension tension, and the tensile position and the tension control interact. The swing arm position is affected by the tensile tension and the tenter tension. In summary, the tensile tension, the stretch position, the tenter tension, and the swing arm position interact with each other.


Combined with the processing of the process, in the structural composition of the thermo fixing machine, it is mainly composed of a tenter, a stretching device and a hot air heating device. The tenter device mainly refers to a needle chain chain running through the left and right sides of the oven, which is placed on two circular rails to act as a tenter and to control and fix the width of the